Chaos Engineering in Azure

Introduction Chaos engineering is all about breaking your application! It sounds counterproductive; however, it is the exact opposite. It is a methodology to test how resilient your application is in the actual production world. In this article, we will try to address the following: What is Chaos Engineering? Why is it needed? What are the […]

Migrate SQL Server to Oracle

SQL Server 2019 to Oracle 18c POC migration from SQL Server 2019 to Oracle 18c XE database. The process described in here works as described barring the additional permission that the repository schema/ user need (create materialized view). GRANT CONNECT, RESOURCE, CREATE SESSION, CREATE VIEW, create materialized view TO demo_migration IDENTIFIED BY demo_migration; I migrated […]

Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Getting started with MS Azure Problem Statement: Your company wants to move to a cloud based solution and you explored the services provided by various cloud service providers. Now, you want to get your hands-dirty and want to see how easy or, difficult it is to work with the cloud environment. What can you do? […]