Chaos Engineering in Azure

Introduction Chaos engineering is all about breaking your application! It sounds counterproductive; however, it is the exact opposite. It is a methodology to test how resilient your application is in the actual production world. In this article, we will try to address the following: What is Chaos Engineering? Why is it needed? What are the […]

CVE-2021-4034: polkit vulnerability affecting Oracle Linux 7 and 8

CVE-2021-4034 The polkit vulnerability that is supposedly present in the default configuration of all major Linux distributions has been confirmed by Oracle to be affecting Oracle Linux versions 7 and 8. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability and gain access to “root” gaining full privileges on the exploited system. At the time of writing this article, […]

ORA-48189: OS command to create directory failed on Exadata

ORA-48189: OS command to create directory failed while trying to start database using srvctl on Exadata So, yesterday, during a normal troubleshooting and maintenance at one of my customer, we wanted to restart a database running on Exadata. While the database was successfully brought down, we encountered ORA-48189 when we tried to bring the database […]

CVE-2021-44228: Log4j

What is this vulnerability? Earlier today i.e. Dec 10, 2021, NIST released the details about CVE-2021-44228, a remote code execution vulnerability in Apache Log4j. Please refer to the National Vulnerability Database site for most up to date information. Impacted Oracle products and fixes Oracle has just now released the security alert and patch advisory. At […]

Earn your OCI certifications for free! Limited time offer..

Oracle has just announced the limited time offer to learn and earn OCI and Autonomous certifications for free until December 2021. Available free certifications (Quick-list) Below is a quick-list of available free certifications for OCI: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Associate-Level OCI Foundations 2021 Associate OCI 2021 Architect Associate OCI 2021 Cloud Operations Associate OCI Developer 2021 […]

Migrate SQL Server to Oracle

SQL Server 2019 to Oracle 18c POC migration from SQL Server 2019 to Oracle 18c XE database. The process described in here works as described barring the additional permission that the repository schema/ user need (create materialized view). GRANT CONNECT, RESOURCE, CREATE SESSION, CREATE VIEW, create materialized view TO demo_migration IDENTIFIED BY demo_migration; I migrated […]

New way to contact Oracle Cloud Support

Oracle Cloud Support Center A very small post but, such a big news and unless I missed it, I did not see a big announcement on this. On July 21st, Oracle Support Center was made available. It can be used to create/ manage support requests, monitor OCI service status, access Oracle Cloud Community and guess […]

Oracle Cloud Pricing – Did something change?

OCPU vs vCPU If you are familiar with Oracle could pricing or, considering Oracle Cloud or, even comparing the size/ cost between Oracle Cloud and other cloud providers, I am sure you come across the term OCPU. Oracle uses OCPU (Oracle Compute Unit) and other cloud providers uses vCPU. The usage of OCPU and not […]

OCI – What’s New in DB Services – July 2021?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – July 2021 New Releases (Database) Oracle Cloud infrastructure is continuously evolving with more and more interesting, exciting and useful features. There are so many updates to follow and keep a track of, hence I decided to write a post to consolidate all the updates for the month of July 2021, grouped […]

Exadata – AIDE is awesome but…

AIDE: Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment With the release of Exadata system software 19.1.0, Oracle added a bunch of improvements in Exadata security. AIDE is an one such new feature. It is enabled by default at the time of installation. The utility to manage AIDE is called “exadataAIDE” and is installed at: /opt/oracle.SupportTools. What is the […]

Is your Oracle Linux secure and compliant?

Despite being different, Security and Compliance often go hand-in-hand in an IT organization. While it is important to ensure that the IT environment is secure enough to protect against internal and external threats, compliance to applicable standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc. for contractual or, regulatory requirements, holds equal importance.While these two topics span across multiple […]

Table-level restore in Oracle RAC using Commvault

Object-level restore in Oracle RAC database using Commvault Commvault backup tool comes packed with number of cool features and support for multiple agents including Oracle RAC. One of the such feature is the ability to perform an object-level restore. Using Commvault, an administrator can restore/recover a single datafile, tablespace or, a table. The steps to […]

Oracle Linux: Automate identification and prevention of login with an empty password using Ansible and Jenkins

If an account is configured for password authentication however does not have an assigned password, it could be possible to log onto the account without authentication. If an account has an empty password, anyone could log in and run commands with the privileges of that account and cause some serious damage. As a Linux administrator, […]

Integrate OEM 13c with ServiceNow (step-by-step)

The latest version of the ServiceNow ticketing connector comes pre-installed for Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c and does not need to be downloaded however, a set of pre-requisite actions must be performed before setting up the integration. Pre-requisite: A service account is created in ServiceNow and appropriate permissions assigned. In most cases: itil, soap_create, soap_update, soap_query roles […]