Getting started with Microsoft Azure

Getting started with MS Azure

Problem Statement:

Your company wants to move to a cloud based solution and you explored the services provided by various cloud service providers. Now, you want to get your hands-dirty and want to see how easy or, difficult it is to work with the cloud environment.

What can you do?

Nothing is better than “try it yourself”, well, at least majority of the times. Please refer to the below step-by-step tutorial to get yourself started with Microsoft Azure. In the upcoming articles, we will talk about how to get started with other cloud providers and different ways of performing basis administration tasks.

Setup your subscription:

The very first step towards trying MS Azure and the provided services is to setup an account.

Go to Microsoft Azure portal and click on “Start free”. Free sounds fun. 🙂1


The next screen will describe what all you can do with the free subscription and provides an option to opt for the paid subscription.3

With the free subscription,

  • You will get $200 credit, and keep going with free options.
  • Try any new Azure service.
  • Provision up to 14 virtual machines, 40 SQL databases, or 8 TBs of storage for a month
  • Build web, mobile, and API apps that use Redis Cache, Search, or Content Delivery Network
  • Harness big data with Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics, and Hadoop
  • Create real-time Internet of Things (IoT) apps with monitoring and anomaly-detection
  • And much more…

On the next page, provide your existing Microsoft account details or, create a new account by clicking on “Create a new Microsoft account” link.4

On the next screen, provide the password for your account.


On the next page, provide the requested information and click on “Next”.6

On the next page, complete the verification by phone and credit card.7

Once done, go through the agreement, offer details and privacy statement, if all looks good, check the box to accept and click on Sign Up.8

That’s it, your free subscription is ready. Congratulations!9


What should you do next?

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