OMCAGNT-3103 (Oracle Management Cloud)

On Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) gateway server, the error occurs when you execute script to install a new gateway and an entity with the same name already exists in OMC. If you encountered this error, this means either you executed in error or, you are trying to re-install OMC gateway agent on a server which earlier existed and now has been either decommissioned in error or, had to be re-built due to software/ hardware corruption.

The error message clearly states that an agent with the same entity name already exists in OMC so, you are left with 3 options:
1. Install the gateway agent on a new server.
2. Install gateway on the same server with a new name or, port. Yes, if you install agent with a new port and do not specify an entity display name explicitly, it will be treated as a new entity!
3. Re-install gateway agent.

Install gateway agent on a new server

If you have installed the gateway previously, you should be familiar with the procedure. If not, the instructions to install a new gateway server or, agent can be found here.

Install gateway on the same server with a new name

Procedure to install gateway agent on the same server with a different port would be same as the installing a new gateway however, please ensure that you modify the gateway response file (gateway.rsp) with a different port which is between 4460 and 4479 (default 4459) and is not already used by any other application.

The gateway.rsp file can be found in the folder where you downloaded and extracted the agent. Please refer to the OMC documentation to download the gateway agent software.

Edit the gateway response file (gateway.rsp) and update the value for “AGENT_PORT=”. Example, AGENT_PORT=4460

Once done, execute the script to install a gateway agent on the same server with a different name or, port.

[oraomc@itnoesis install_files]$ ./
Unzipping agent software, this may take some time...
Installing Gateway...
Gateway parameter validation started...
Gateway pre-requisite checks started...
Gateway base directory creation started...
Security artifacts download started...
Gateway setup started...
Registering Gateway...
Starting Gateway...
Gateway started.
Gateway installation completed.
Gateway post installation checks started.
Gateway is up and running.
Gateway is communicating to Oracle Management Cloud.
Gateway is monitored in Oracle Management Cloud.
Gateway post installation checks completed.
To start Gateway upon Operating System restart include '/opt/omc/gateway/agent_inst/bin/omcli start agent' in the start-up scripts.
For further details please refer

Reinstall gateway

If the above options are not desirable, another option is to re-install gateway on the same server with same hostname and port. The process is similar to installing a new gateway agent however, the gateway response file (gateway.rsp) must be updated with (REINSTALL=true) and then should be executed.