Spacewalk project discontinued! How does it affect Oracle Linux users?

What is Spacewalk?

Spacewalk is an opensource and upstream community project for Redhat Satellite which helps with management of Linux systems. Or, should I say, it used to? The official introduction page for Spacewalk, suggests that the project has been discontinued on May 31, 2020. Well, I really liked spacewalk and the capabilities it offered. Does it mean that as an Oracle Linux user or, administrator, I will no longer be able to use or, get support on Spacewalk?

Spacewalk and Oracle Linux

Well, the answer to the usage and support on Spacewalk for Oracle Linux is that it is still supported!
Yes, Oracle continues to support Spacewalk and in fact, the latest release (Spacewalk 2.10) was announced on August 5, 2020.

The release note announced the availability of Spacewalk 2.10 Server for OEL7 (Oracle Linux 7) and updated Spacewalk 2.10 Client for OEL7 (Oracle Linux 7) and OEL8 (Oracle Linux 8). The support lifecycle for Spacewalk 2.10 should follow the lifecycle for Oracle Linux 7 so, it should continue till July 2024 however, do not take my word for it, please refer to the official announcements and release notes from Oracle to determine the exact dates and up to date information. The support for OEL5 and OEL6 however, is limited for customers having extended support only. 

So, if you are still on OEL5 or, OEL6, it might be time for an upgrade!

Spacewalk 2.10 Release notes
Spacewalk Source Code

Hope this helps!


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